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Why should pregnancy come at the expense of looking good and feeling fit?

This was the question I asked myself which became the inspiration behind Luna Gray. The short answer is; it shouldn’t! The real answer is; it does. According to the office of national statistics, 839,043 women fell pregnant in 2018. Over the course of a year that is just shy of 2300 a day! Pregnancy is not a new phenomenon and has been around far longer than anyone reading this blog. Yet for those prenatal and postpartum months, the fashion and fitness industries combine forces when it comes to maternity activewear and largely turn their backs on us already hormonal women, adding insult to injury ahead of the thankless and painful task of giving birth. I vividly remember opening my cupboards...

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Why not to rush back to running after having a baby - By 'The Mummy MOT'

This month we feature a very interesting blog from 'The Mummy MOT' - they are a fantastic organisation who have a large set of professional physiotherapists on hand to help you out post pregnancy on your bodies recovery.  See below a great blog from them featuring all you need to know about 'why not to rush back to running after having a baby'. Enjoy!    Rosie Cardale, Bristol-based musculoskeletal physiotherapist and Mummy MOT practitioner talks about the importance of getting a postnatal assessment and working through fundamental strength training before being tempted to dust off your trainers and get out running during the lockdown. As a new mum, it’s normal to want to ease your way back into your pre-pregnancy exercise...

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Hospital Bag Essentials (for mum)

It can be daunting packing your hospital bag - especially if it's for the first time. What should you pack? How much should you pack? Have you packed too much? Have you missed something? Keep reading for a list of all essentials that I would recommend and a few extras that I have been told are a must. 

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Maternity leave around the world

Having a baby changes everything! Having a baby also differs around the world in terms of maternity leave. So, how does our UK parental leave stack up against the rest of the world? UK Female employees can take up to 52 weeks of maternity leave and be paid for up to first 6 weeks of them. Usually, the first 6 weeks are paid at 90% of average weekly earnings before tax, and the remaining 33 weeks are paid at either £151.20 or 90% of the average weekly earnings, whichever is lower. They also offer shared parental leave, which allows eligible parents to divide up the time off between the two of them. Win Win! Also as an employee on statutory maternity leave...

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