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Baby Shower Ideas

Your best friend, sister, daughter or long-lost cousin has fallen pregnant and has handpicked you to organise their most precious baby pressure. 

Whilst it is certainly a privilege to be asked, it can be a daunting experience and quite possibly something you have never had to do before. 

Here are just a few things to consider that you may ease the stresses that nobody else appreciates you are under! 

1. Location, location, location...indoors or outdoors?

With the unpredictability of the British weather, going for something inside is definitely the safe bet, especially during the start and end of the year. Opting for a cute private room in a restaurant or pub is a great idea, or if you want to keep things more homely, it is worth asking anyone attending the baby shower who has a big enough house, if hosting at theirs is an option. It will certainly keep costs lower. 

If however you are ever the optimistic or the weather forecast shows a great big sunshine on the day, then how about a local park, cafe with a garden or even a favourite spa if you fancy splashing the cash. 


 2. Afternoon Tea / Graze Tables

Afternoon tea has always been a favourite and it will continue to be. It is easy, tasty and you can be customised anyway you want. You cannot beat the sight of cakes, sandwiches and scones all piled onto tiered plates, ready to be eaten. A crowd pleaser for sure. 

A new addition to the sharing theme are graze tables, a personal favourite of mine. They are fast becoming popular and cater for everyone's needs. Spread across a table you can have anything you want - burrata, olives, chocolate coated pretzels, doughnuts, strawberries, the list is endless. 


 3. Room Decor 

Whether you want to go completely overboard and transform a room or add just add few decorative touches, the most cost effective way is through balloons. Go pastel colours, pinks and blues if you know the sex of the baby or play it save with greys, whites, creams and golds. Try creating an arch or just hang them from walls. Balloons make a really big difference to the look of your room. Warning, blowing up balloons is tiring. Do not leave this until the last minute! 

If you are going down the more traditional route then look no further than bunting. It can be coloured paper, textured cloth or even be used as part of an activity on the day. Why not ask guests to fill out a 'tips for new mummy' card that can then be attached to a string and clipped to the wall. 



 4. Favours for your guests

It is always nice to end a baby shower by giving everyone a little take home from the celebrations. There is too much to choose from but here are a few ideas that I think you may like - 

A bag of popcorn, a bar of soap or even bottle of bubbles,